March 20, 2011

Gondolania. Gondolania is the amusement park at Villagio. It is really diverting. They have all kinds of rides, they have a bazzar, and they have a bowling alley. When i go to Gondolania, i usually ride the big roller coaster, the water, and the thing then turns you upside down, and the one that goes round and round(It tickles a lot) and a lot of other rides. On the big roller coaster you have to make sure, your head doesn’t go around too much, whereas if you don’t it will go from side to side and bang into the sides of the seat, and that really hurts. On the water slide make sure to hold onto the seat, because there are no seat belts. The roller coaster that turns you upside down is really alarming, because you think you are gonna fall down. The one that goes round and round is really cool, because your stomach tickles really bad. The bowling alley is also really cool, because it is a glow in the dark bowling alley. They have neon colors that lights up. Even the bowling balls light up. I haven’t been to the bazzar yet, but i bet you can buy some really cool stuff there. They also have a 4-D movie place, that’s awesome. You feel like you go into the movie. Gondolania also have a fast food resturants that there isn’t anywhere else in Villagio. If you want to you can have party’s at Gondolania you can. They have a room, that is for party’s.  Gondalania is not to expensive. Most rides are about 15- 20 rials, But some are a little more. To me, Gondolania is really fun, you can do so much fun stuff, and you don’t get tired of it easily, every time you finish doing thing, there is always something else to do. There is this part of Gondolania, where you can play all this different games and you get tickets. When you have enough tickets, you can win different prices, and you can choose them yourself, But you need a of tickets.  Gondolania, is there place to go when you have nothing else to do, or you just want to have some fun. You can also go to Villagio when you have a free day. When you go to Gondolania by yourself it’s not that fun, but when you go with your friends it’s more fun.

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